The Introvert's Guide To Entertaining Your Wedding Guests

The Introvert's Guide To Entertaining Your Wedding Guests

Part of your wedding will involve you being the center of attention.  You’ll be in front of your guests for the ceremony.  It’s just you and your fiancé up there with the officiant, maybe flanked by your wedding party, and all eyes on you.  For some introverts this is terrifying.  Hell, the front row at our wedding was put on notice that my husband might pass out so they’d be ready if they needed to spring into action.

Then there’s the talking.  All the talking.  It’s your big day, so everyone will want the chance to talk to you.  This may mean making small talk with people you don’t know well or lots of quick chats instead of the deep conversations you may prefer.  This can be exhausting no matter how much you love these people and appreciate them being there.

These are the extra challenges you face as an introvert on your wedding day.  We’ve already looked at strategies for making the big day more manageable.  One of them deserves a closer look.

Give Your Guests Something Else To Focus On

As the happy couple, you are hosting your guests, which means you want to make sure they have a good time.  Luckily for you, there are ways to do this that also take some of the attention off you and hopefully give you the chance to recharge your batteries a bit.  Plus, its a great way to work your personality into your wedding.

The Old Standards

The typical way to entertain your guests at a wedding is to provide a meal, drinks, and dancing.  The meal and drinks often involve a lot of talking and mingling while you may get a chance for one-on-one conversation while people are dancing but there is still a ton of stimulation surrounding you.  These activities are probably more comfortable for extroverts and tiring for you.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is another fun way to entertain your guests.  People can go in by themselves or with a small group and you get a ton of great pictures in return.  This option is great for introverts because you can duck in there for a few moments alone if you need to, but not everyone can use the photo booth at once so you’ll likely still be “on” with your other guests.


A slightly more out of the box idea is to have some sort of performance (that you aren’t in!).  Maybe you could have someone perform your favorite songs.  Or your old friends could perform a dance routine or skit.  Or any other kind of performance you can think of.  If your wedding has a theme, think about whether the theme suggests some kind of performance.  Even a karaoke machine could work as long as you don’t feel the need to perform yourself!  Anything to focus the attention of all your guests for a period of time so you can just sit back and watch will work.


Finally, you can entertain your guests by providing games to play during the reception.  Outdoor reception games like a ring toss of Yardzee are great options if the weather is nice and you have the space.  Indoor reception games like I Spy or Wedding Bingo or even board games can be played regardless of the weather or space limitations.  

Games not only give you and your guests something to focus on, but they also provide an easy topic of conversation.  

You know how when everyone is on the dance floor and you’re off sitting alone watching, some people assume you’re board and not having fun when that couldn’t be further from the truth?  Put a game card in front of you and that assumption changes.  It’s very likely that some of your guests are also introverts and will love you for this.

Providing your guests something to focus on means that all your guests will be entertained, the introverted ones will be relieved, and you’ll get a break from being “on” all day.

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