About Littlehammer Games

Welcome to Littlehammer Games!  I'm Jennifer, the creator of Wedding Bingo, and I'm so glad you're here!  I thought I'd share how Wedding Bingo and Littlehammer Games came to be.

It all began with a food truck.  My sister Kelly was getting married and had booked catering from this awesome Hawaiian food truck.  But she didn't know whether they'd bring the truck or just the food.  She may be my sister but we don't share the obsessive planner gene.

At this point in my life, I feel like I could have been a professional bridesmaid.  Even when I wasn't standing up with my friends in the dress, I was the one called to attend dress fittings and cake tastings (see: obsessive planner).  After thousands of wedding photos, 3 rogue flower girls (only 1 of which was me!), 1 white dress of my own, 4 last minute vow drafts, countless pins, hundreds of bobby pins frantically removed at airport security, 2 rustic barns, 7 trips to David's Bridal, 2 clip boards, 13 family members to avoid, 1 application of a bride's makeup while standing in a bathtub, hundreds of centerpiece setups, 1 tense conversation with a minister, ??? mimosas, not enough cotton candy, that perfect shade of lipstick that comes through in a pinch every time, and 20 (...ok 40) pieces of cake I feel like I've experienced nearly everything that can happen at a wedding.

After telling the food truck story to my friend Cat, we started listing all the crazy (both good and bad!) things we've seen at weddings over the years.  Wedding bingo popped into my head as a funny way to categorize and game-ify all of the things that can happen at a wedding.  It turns out that it didn't already exist so I knew that I had to make it myself.  Bridal shower bingo, bachelorette party bingo, and baby shower bingo basically wrote themselves after that.  No matter how much we love our friends and family, sometimes it feels like you want to movie montage your way through their special event.  I hope the games that I've created can help you find the magic have a great time.

Why Littlehammer?  When planning our own wedding, my husband and I brainstormed hashtags to use so we could easily get pictures from our guests.  The keys were that it be memorable and easy to spell.  One of his ideas was to take the common misspellings of our last names and combine them into one easy-to-spell last name.  Littlehammer became our wedding hashtag and seemed like the perfect name for my new business.