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Party Games for Introverts

Parties are built for outgoing extroverts, while introverts are often uncomfortable (if they're there at all). If you want every single guest to have a great time and the best thanks you can hear is “I had so much fun!” then you’re in the right place.

Introverted mom-to-be's just wanna have fun at their baby shower

Throw an epic baby shower for the mom-to-be who is so not a "shower games" gal and please the future grandma at the same time.  Our baby shower games don't thrust the mom-to-be into the spotlight so everyone can relax and play.

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Friends don't make friends wear toilet paper dresses

Our bridal shower games are for people who hate traditional bridal shower games.  A classic with a twist, Bridal Bingo requires no toilet paper, stopwatches, or people in the spotlight. 

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A bachelorette party game destined to be a hit with everyone (even the shy or sober)

Bachelorette Bingo is fun for all your guests whether they are outgoing or shy, drunk or sober. Get everyone in on the fun! Just pop a bingo card in your clutch and take it along to play all night or weekend long. 

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Banish the boring wedding cocktail hour and entertain your wedding guests

Don't make your guests wait for the real party to start while you’re off taking pictures. Wedding Bingo will entertain your guests and get them mingling so time flies before the reception begins. 

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For the Loving Hostess

Ever wonder what's running through your guest's head during a party? If she's an introvert, it probably looks a little like this...

"Is there anyone here I know? Carrie looks so happy and I'm so excited for her but she's surrounded by people right now so I'll go sit with Sarah...we aren't going to do any ice breakers are we? Can't I just sit here and talk to Sarah? Oh, here comes somebody new. Do I shake hands? Just smile and say hi? What do I do with my hands?...phew I made it. That was a nice party but I'm exhausted. Time to go home and take a nap."

Littlehammer Games is here to help you make your introverted guests feel more comfortable. Instead of putting guests on the spot like other games, our games give introverts something to hold in their hands and focus on. Make a game out of people watching so even your most introverted guests will think your party's a hit.