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Baby Bingo - Celestial Printable Game Cards

Baby Bingo - Celestial Printable Game Cards

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Prefilled Baby Bingo cards are perfect for your twinkle twinkle little star baby shower. It's a baby shower game that doesn't put anyone on the spot, which means that even your quiet guests who hate being the center of attention can enjoy playing. It is a fun twist on a traditional baby shower game.

You can play either like I Spy meets Bingo or have someone call out squares to play in the traditional style.


 The Details What That Means For You
Instant download with printable game cards No need to wait for shipping. Download the PDF right away and print at home or a copy shop.
Dark celestial background with a shooting star and gold text Perfect for a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star themed shower
Each game card is unique Fun game for everyone to play
Pre-filled game cards No work for your guests. Just play!
2 cards per 8.5 x 11 inch (A4) sheet of paper Easy to print with the paper you have on hand
5 x 7 inch game cards Easy for your guests to carry around and play throughout your shower

Printing Instructions

1. After checkout you'll be provided with a link to the PDF file. Don't worry if you close the page, this link will also be emailed to you. You’ll need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader to open the file.

2. Make sure your printer settings are set to print at actual size or 100%.

3. Print the file single-sided on A4 letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inch) paper. You can do this at home, an office supply store like Staples, or a local print and copy shop. We recommend a heavier paper like card stock for the best guest experience.

4. Cut out each card before passing out to your guests.


Two 5x7 inch cards on each 8.5x11 inch piece of paper

Important Notes

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* Colors may vary depending on your monitor, printer, and paper choice.
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No. The digital download files cannot be edited.

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How to Play Baby Bingo

There are 2 ways to play!

I Spy Style: Each guest will be on the lookout for the items that appear on their bingo card. As they see or hear something from their card, they get to check off that square.

Traditional Style: Cut out the squares from the first copy of the included calling cards. One person pulls out a square and calls it out. Whoever has that square on their own card gets to check off the square. Continue calling squares until someone gets a bingo.

Either way, 5 in a row wins!

Customer Reviews

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Julia Young
Highly recommend

Got the baby shower bingo for my shower and let me just say I was IMPRESSED! I had them made and ordered and they fit my shower perfectly! I loved how it helped “break the ice” a little since my shower had lots of different groups of people. The attention to detail that littlehammergames did when making the cards was incredible. I saved mine for my baby book because it was a great reminder of what happened at my shower. I liked them so much I even ordered them for when my best friend was pregnant. I highly recommend trying this game out for a shower you are throwing! I could see it being really fun for a work baby shower as well!