The Introvert’s Wedding Reception Game: Wedding Bingo

The Introvert's Wedding Reception Game

Do you like to people watch?  Sometimes at weddings I just love to sit back and watch the people around me mingling, dancing, or ducking into the photo booth.  I’m just off in my own head watching everything happening around me and taking it all in.  It’s a way for me to have a nice time but keep a little distance because, as an introvert, engaging in all the activity and talking to lots of people makes me really tired.  The very thought of it makes me want to go curl up on the couch with a book, even if it’s the wedding of someone I love.  People watching is a way to give myself a bit of a break.

If you’re an introvert, I’m sure you’ve experienced this.  You’re sitting there people watching and someone approaches you assuming you’re bored or not having a good time.  But they’re wrong!  You were totally enjoying yourself, although now you’re enjoying yourself a bit less since you feel like you need to be “happy and upbeat” for this person.

In some situations, having a book in your hand can prevent someone like this from approaching you.  But that’s not really appropriate for a wedding.  Wedding Bingo is the perfect solution.  People watching becomes a game because you’re on the lookout for the specific things on your card.  Plus you look like you’re doing something so people are less likely to think you’re bored and approach you.  And if they do, at least it gives you something to chat about if they decide to hang around.

Wedding Bingo entertains your guests, gives you an excuse to take a break, and takes some of the focus off of you.  It is tailor made for an introvert’s wedding.


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