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Wedding Bingo - Flamingo Printable Game Cards

Wedding Bingo - Flamingo Printable Game Cards

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Fun Cocktail Hour Game for a Destination Wedding

Have you ever wondered how to make cocktail hour more interesting or fun for your guests? If so, you're not alone! While you're off taking pictures, your guests are chatting and waiting for your return. But they could be entertained so the time flies by.

We've got your back! With Littlehammer Games, you can make everyone happy while pulling off an epic wedding. Our Wedding Bingo printable game cards are a unique wedding reception game that keeps everyone happy. Wedding Bingo is an adult version of "I Spy" where guests are on the lookout for the events that appear in the squares on their game card. Have a blast ticking off the boxes as you celebrate all the cliches and joys of a typical wedding!

Best of all, your guests have something fun to occupy their time while you and your new spouse (!) go take pictures.

Here's what's included:

  • Print-at-home PDF game cards
  • Instant delivery and simple printing
  • Two 5x7 inch game cards fit on a single 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper
  • Pre-filled bingo cards available in packs between 10 and 500 cards
  • Each game card is unique to reduce the likelihood of ties
  • Sized to be easy to carry around so guests can play and mingle
  • Choose from bride and groom, bride and bride, groom and groom, or gender-neutral to reflect the terms that you use
  • Fun flamingo-themed game cards that are perfect for a tropical destination wedding

Enjoy two modes of play:

  1. Play like a game of "I Spy" by marking off squares that highlight shower events as they happen
  2. Play like a traditional bingo game with included calling cards

Either way, the race is on to get 5 in a row! These instantly-printable game cards are perfect for quickly-approaching events because there's no need to wait by the mailbox. Give guests a fun thing to do while you're off taking pictures. Littlehammer Games for the win!

    Printing Instructions

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    2. Make sure your printer settings are set to print at actual size or 100%.

    3. Print the file single-sided on A4 letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inch) paper. You can do this at home, an office supply store like Staples, or a local print and copy shop. We recommend a heavier paper like card stock for the best guest experience.

    4. Cut out each card before passing out to your guests.


    Two 5x7 inch cards on each 8.5x11 inch piece of paper

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    How to Play Wedding Bingo

    There are 2 ways to play!

    I Spy Style: Each guest will be on the lookout for the items that appear on their bingo card. As they see or hear something from their card, they get to check off that square.

    Traditional Style: Cut out the squares from the first copy of the included calling cards. One person pulls out a square and calls it out. Whoever has that square on their own card gets to check off the square. Continue calling squares until someone gets a bingo.

    Either way, 5 in a row wins!