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  • Baby Fill in the Blank game card with gold text on a mint background
  • Baby Fill in the Blank game card with a mint and gold background with answer card tucked behind it on a slate background with white text that says "Answer Key Included"
  • Baby Fill in the Blank mint and gold game cards with printing instructions
  • Woman with a pen playing a mint and gold Baby Fill in the Blank game card at a dark place setting
  • White and pink text on a slate background explaining that this is a digital download, nothing will be shipped, and suggesting you print on 80lb cardstock
  • Pink and white text on a slate background showing a 5-star review from Sarah B that says "Much better than the traditional baby shower games, and didn't put pressure on the mom-to-be."
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Baby Fill in the Blank - Mint and Gold Printable Game Cards

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A Non-Traditional Baby Shower Game for Quiet Guests

Think about all the guests you're inviting to the baby shower. Can you think of at least one who will run for the hills if chocolate-filled diapers make an appearance? A non-traditional baby shower game, especially one that doesn't put anyone on the spot, is in order.

Littlehammer Games is here to help! Our non-traditional baby shower games are designed with your quiet guests in mind. Baby Fill in the Blank with instantly-printable game cards is a fun race where everyone is focused on their own game card.

Best of all? Nobody is put on the spot and your quiet guests will love you.

Here's what's included:

  • Print-at-home PDF game cards
  • Instant delivery and simple printing.  Print as many game cards as you need!
  • Two 5x7 inch game cards fit on a single 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper
  • Game cards and cards with the answers

The race is on to complete all the words and phrases first! These instantly-printable game cards are perfect for a baby shower that is coming up quick because there's no need to wait by the mailbox. Save family and friends from another round of baby bottle chugging and the inhumanity of that tired "sniff the diaper" game. Littlehammer Games for the win!

Printing Instructions

1. After checkout you'll be provided with a link to the PDF file. Don't worry if you close the page, this link will also be emailed to you. You’ll need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader to open the file.

2. Make sure your printer settings are set to print at actual size or 100%.

3. Print the file single-sided on A4 letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inch) paper. You can do this at home, an office supply store like Staples, or a local print and copy shop. We recommend a heavier paper like card stock for the best guest experience.

4. Cut out each card before passing out to your guests.


Two 5x7 inch cards on each 8.5x11 inch piece of paper

Important Notes

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* This listing is for a digital PDF file. Nothing will be shipped to you.
* Colors may vary depending on your monitor, printer, and paper choice.
* © Littlehammer Games. For personal use only. Please don’t copy, share, or sell my files.

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