FREE DOWNLOAD: Wedding Planning Bingo

Planning a wedding can be both fun and a total pain at the same time.  So let’s make a game out of it with this free Wedding Planning Bingo game!

If you’re into it, picking out all the perfect little details is great. If you’re not, eventually you’ll lose it when the first question anyone asks is how the wedding planning is coming along. 

Introverted brides and grooms face extra pressure. Seriously, why does every vendor require working with you over the phone? The Internet has existed for a really long time. You should be able to book online!


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And even if you don’t care about all those little details, they still seep into your mind. Especially when you’re trying to sleep.


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Add to that the fact that your heart starts racing every time you think about being the center of attention all day. Do you have to individually greet all your guests at the reception? What happens when everyone is looking to you to answer questions during setup that day? It can be totally overwhelming. 

Wedding Planning Bingo gamifies the process of planning a wedding. When you finally work up to calling a potential venue only to have nobody answer and never call you back, it will still be totally annoying, but at least you’ll get a square on your Wedding Planning Bingo Card. 

Play with your fiancé or anyone in your wedding party who’s helping you plan and see who can get a bingo first. 

This free game is designed to be a bright spot in the chaos that is wedding planning. Plus it will give you a test run to see how the Littlehammer Games’ bingo games work. Pop your name and email into the box below to get Wedding Planning Bingo today.  We'll also be in touch with other event planning goodies.


Wedding Planning Bingo