When good ring bearers go rogue...

Rogue ring bearer

No matter how carefully you plan your wedding, you can't control every moment. Kids are the best example of this. Your adorable 4-year old niece who has always been a perfect angel? She might be so excited about her frilly dress that she can't stop spinning circles down the aisle during your ceremony. Your best friend’s 3-year old son who loves everyone and is always hamming it up? Yup, you just know he'll be overcome by shyness when it's his turn to walk down the aisle. My nephew Keegan (pictured above) has done this and wound up being carried down the aisle by my sister-in-law while hiding his face. 

I call this “going rogue” and it happens so frequently that there had to be a rogue flower girl/ring bearer square on Wedding Bingo. I like to think that Wedding Bingo makes this something to laugh about rather than stress over. It brings some guests 1 step closer to getting Bingo!

I've taken a few trips down the aisle as a flower girl myself. I still remember the twirly dress, how the fabric felt between my fingers, and the awesome bow I got to wear for my aunt’s wedding when I was little. I also remember my grandmother summoning me to her side before I had a chance to go rogue. 

Me as a flower girl

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