What Guests Are Saying About Wedding Bingo

What Guests Are Saying About Wedding Bingo

Introverts tend to “work more slowly and deliberately” according to Susan Cain in her book, Quiet.  That’s certainly true for me.  I tend to do a deep dive into research before making a decision.  So I thought it’d be helpful to hear what fellow introverts have to say about Wedding Bingo.

Kelly, a self-described “extreme introvert” said, “it made for a fun afternoon of people watching and trying to spot things going on so I could win.”

Emily, who called Wedding Bingo “the most awesome idea ever” said “it’s a hilarious and entertaining way to get yourself through a wedding and reception - - especially if you’re an introvert like me.”

Jack said, “it gave me something to do that was engaged with the wedding.  Otherwise, as an antisocial person, I would have remained hidden in the corner looking at my phone.”

That’s all great for the introverts like us, but other people will probably be at your wedding too.  The beauty of Wedding Bingo is that all kinds of people love to play!

Derek’s favorite thing about Wedding Bingo was “the interaction with other people.  It really made the wedding more exciting and got me talking to different people!”

Frank echoed that saying, “it added fun to the many conversations and interactions going on!”

Perhaps Justine said it best though.  “Everyone, even the kids, loved it.”

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