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Wedding Bingo set on reception table

Welcome to the Littlehammer Games blog!  I'm Jennifer, the creator of Wedding Bingo and owner of Littlehammer Games. 

I believe you should never feel like you're attending a special event solely out of obligation. If you feel that way about an event you have coming up, I want to help!  Wedding Bingo and other upcoming Bingo games will give you something to look forward to. They provide the perfect way to get into the moment by encouraging you to pay attention to everything around you. Wedding Bingo and the other games let you play like Harriet the Spy and unleash your competitive side. 

If you're the one planning the event, Wedding Bingo and upcoming games are the best way to entertain your guests. No more worrying about whether people will want to leave early. Your guests will want to stay all the way through so they have the best chance to win. 

This blog will be full of information to get you ready to attend the event, from what to wear to how to play Littlehammer Games Bingo.  If you're planning a wedding, shower, or party you'll find tips on entertaining your guests and planning the event

Take a look around and see how to transform obligation events into a fun special event to look forward to! Wedding Bingo is available in the shop now! To be the first to know when new Wedding Bingo versions and other games launch, sign up for the mailing list.



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