Sharing the Love with Wedding Hashtags

Wedding hashtags
Have you been to a wedding lately that had its own hashtag for sharing your pictures on social media?   Perhaps they had a sign like the above.  This idea has caught on so well that it earned its own square on Wedding Bingo.

A wedding hashtag is the digital equivalent of putting disposable cameras on each table. It's such a genius way to get more candid pictures that my husband and I decided to use one for our own wedding. We knew the key was to pick something that was both easy to spell and memorable so people would be more likely to use it. 

Most of the wedding hashtags I've seen include the couples’ names. That wasn't the easiest choice for us though.  All our lives people have misspelled our names - extra consonants in his and missing or rearranged letters in mine.  Easy to spell was the most challenging thing for us.

We decided to embrace those misspellings and try mashing our last names together. It made a funny combination, which we knew was unforgettable, and #littlehammer was born!
I'm using #littlehammer on Instagram and would love for you to join me! Come join the party here and use #littlehammer to share fun or crazy moments from the weddings you attend.


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