Save the Date! Wedding Bingo will be available August 1st

Wedding Bingo Save the Date

Update: It's here!

We are less than 1 week away from the launch of Wedding Bingo! If you're planning a wedding and have been looking for the best way to entertain your guests, you're in luck! No more worrying about whether your guests who don't dance will get bored and leave early. Nobody will want to leave while they still have a chance of getting bingo!

When the flower girl goes rogue and starts spinning circles in the aisle or the ring bearer takes off screaming, it won't just be a cute story to tell when toasting at their wedding years from now. It will bring some guests 1 step closer to winning bingo. Ok, ok it'll still be a cute anecdote for that toast too. 

Your parents and in-laws arguing over where you'll spend Thanksgiving every year isn't just the cause of that headache starting behind your right eye. It's also the reason for a small smile if you have that square on your Wedding Bingo card. 

Wedding Bingo provides reason to celebrate the good (delicious food!), endure the bad (that Thanksgiving argument), and get a kick out of the cliche (that one Corinthians verse everyone includes). And since love is in the air, everyone will get that center square. All your guests will have fun and stay as long as possible so they don't miss a moment. They'll pay attention to every detail of your big day. 

On August 1st, Wedding Bingo will finally be up for sale! The original run of the game will come in 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100-Card sets. And since love wins, there are versions for Bride/Groom, 2 Bride, and 2 Groom weddings.  Each card measures 4” x 6” and has gold dot stickers attached for marking off the squares so it is easy to carry around while holding your signature cocktail. 

There will be limited quantities for sale on August 1st. The mailing list gets the first shot at purchasing before they sell out, so make sure you're on the list. You can sign up here!


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