Rules were made to be broken - except these ones!

Wedding Bingo Rules: These Rules Weren't Made To Be Broken

Most people (everyone?) knows how to play Bingo. 5 in a row wins! There are a couple of things to know about the rules of Wedding Bingo though.

First, instead of someone calling out numbers, you get to mark off squares based on what you see or hear happening throughout the wedding. Wedding Bingo is all about paying attention to what's going on around you. You won't get the “someone cries while giving a toast” square if you aren't paying attention. The Happy Couple will be touched that you noticed all the details of the day they worked so hard to prepare.

Hands down though, the most important rule is to let things happen naturally. There are both great squares (delicious food) and terrible squares (police are called) for Wedding Bingo. Please, please, please don't start a fight and call the police just to get those squares! The Happy Couple would kill you (and me!) if you ruin their big day. Just be yourself and have fun. When in doubt, think to yourself, “is this something I'd do if I weren't playing Wedding Bingo?” If it is, then you're in the clear! Would you normally do shots at a wedding? If yes, go for it regardless of whether you have that square. Remember how important their wedding day is to the Happy Couple and act accordingly!

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