Questions about Wedding Bingo?

FAQ about Wedding Bingo - the wedding reception game perfect for entertaining your guests #weddingplanning

After months of dreaming and planning, your wedding is one day. Every decision can seem so important that it's easy to get stuck. If Wedding Bingo is right for you, I want it to be an easy decision. So I've gathered up a list of questions I've heard that you might have.

Is Wedding Bingo right for us?

Wedding Bingo was created for you if you want to do something a little different at your wedding. It's for you if your looking to inject your personality into all the details of your big day. It's especially for you if you and your fiancé love playing games and want to entertain your guests. If you regularly host game night, then Wedding Bingo will fit right in with how your guests envision your wedding.

Do we need someone to call out squares like “B3”?

Nope! Everyone plays Wedding Bingo by paying attention to everything happening around them. If you see or hear something that appears on your card, then you get that square. So if you have “flask sighting” on your card and see someone with a flask, flip your card over, grab a sticker, and place it on that square!

How do we pass it out to our guests?

That's up to you. You can pass it out with your programs before the ceremony, put a card at each place setting, or have a stack of cards at the bar or buffet line for guests to pick up if they want to play. Since Wedding Bingo is a completely new type of wedding game, it can be helpful to your guests to make a quick announcement about how to play or designate someone to walk around the reception explaining the rules to guests. 

How does someone win?

5 squares in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) wins! Just like regular Bingo. You can encourage your guests to call out Bingo! when they win or ask that they take their card to a designated person (like the bartender). 

What do they win?

That's up to you! It could be anything from bragging rights to a movie gift card to one of your lovely centerpieces. Or how about the winner gets dinner with you and your new spouse (!!!) when you get back from your honeymoon?

Will our guests want to play?

Just like everything else at a wedding, you'll never please everyone. Lots of guests will love it though! It's a great source of entertainment while you and your new spouse are off taking pictures. It gives the introverted guests something to focus on and shy guests will have an easy source of material for small talk with guests they don't know. If you're having a dance floor, it's fun to play while taking a dance break or can entertain your guests who don't dance. 

How can we customize our Wedding Bingo game?

You pick the number of cards you want and order Custom Wedding Bingo. On the day you place your order, you'll receive an email asking you to confirm the names you want to appear on the cards, the color of the text you want for the Wedding Bingo title and LOVE center square, and the text you want for up to 10 squares that will reappear throughout the cards. Each square is limited to 50 characters so keep your squares short but descriptive so your guests know what you mean. 

I cannot start to customize your game until I receive your responses, so please respond to this email as soon as possible! It may take up to 4 weeks for me to customize your game, have it printed, attach the stickers, and send it to you so be sure to respond in plenty of time. 

Do you have any other questions or concerns? Email me at and I'll respond as soon as I can!  I want this to be an easy choice and process for you so you can get on to the fun parts of your wedding!

Wedding Bingo wedding reception game card with text overlay 

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