Gold marble Bridal Bingo card on a gray background with pink tulips and text overlay
Bride holding gold marble Bridal Bingo game card
Woman's hand holding a gold marble Bridal Bingo card
Gold marble Bridal Bingo game card
Gold marble Bridal Bingo rules card

Bridal Bingo - Gold Marble Printable Game Cards

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Looking for things to do at a bridal shower that are different than the norm?  Go beyond the gifts with Bridal Bingo.  From the people to the gifts, other games, and even the food and drink, Bridal Bingo incorporates all elements of your bridal shower.  This means Bridal Bingo can be played for the entire shower and fits right in alongside other games and activities.  

Don’t pass the work off to your guests by making them fill out their own game cards!  With Bridal Bingo, the hard work of filling out the squares is already done so all your guests have to do is play.  Plus, each card is unique so you don't have to worry about ties.

Unlike other things you do at a bridal shower, Bridal Bingo doesn't need to be the center of attention.  Instead, your guests can play Bridal Bingo just by paying attention to all the fun happening around them.  If something happens that appears on their Bridal Bingo game card, they get to mark off that square.  5 squares in a row wins!

The Details What That Means For You
Instant download with printable game cards No need to wait for shipping. Download the PDF right away and print at home or a copy shop.
Gold geometric design on a marble background Pretty game cards
Each game card is unique No ties
Pre-filled game cards No work for your guests. Just play!
2 cards per 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper Easy to print with the paper you have on hand
4 x 6 inch game cards Easy for your guests to carry around and play throughout your shower